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So, hats. Love ’em, which may well be apparent on this blog. I have issues with sunglasses, I am pretty unaware of my surroundings at any given point (for example, I will never notice someone on the street unless they shout my name or actually physically walk up and shake me – no, long sighted actually) , so when I wear sunglasses I feel even less aware. I usually have headphones on too which further impairs my awareness. So apart from feeling my way around town, I have to sacrifice one or the other; sunglasses or headphones… So, because I wear my sunglasses less than I should, I  compensate by wearing hats. Like this one. It is, I will agree, straddling that fine line between fancy dress and well, “normal” attire, but I think that’s why I like it.

Permission to come aboard mi lady?

Sailor Hat, Fun Place, Sth King St. Dublin

Joy Division T-Shirt, ‘borrowed’ and modified by me

Shorts, H&M

Shoes, Converse

Hip Flask, Urban Outfitters

Headphones, Skullcandy


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This morning the sun came streaming through my bedroom window. As cold as it might be outside, wrapped up inside I was all about spring-time. I know it’s a little early, when I did go outside I nearly froze (thank goodness for vintage fur) but I’m embracing the sunshine. They sky didn’t actually go properly dark until about half-past 6 tonight, plus February is the last month of winter and thankfully it’s the shortest.

Hat, Claire’s Accessories with DIY thrifted tie

Chains, Vintage

Shirt, Topshop

Jeans, Pepe

Boots, Dorothy Perkins

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