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I found this Tuxedo jacket in a thrift store, it’s by Ramsay of Dublin and it probably the biggest jacket ever.

Scarf, American Apparel

Oversize Tuxedo Jacket, Ramsay of Dublin

Vest, American Apparel

Menswear Cardigan, Lanvin for H&M

Belt, Thrifted

Black Rats Leggings, Sass & Bide

Boots, Dorothy Perkins



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tracksuit pants have gone from fashion faux-pas to fashion favourite in the space of one season. I love them, always have. Long or short; branded or not; I’ll take them in any colour, but the fabric has to be jersey. I’ve never worn them with heels though, until this weekend. Sometimes mixing two different genres of clothing, i.e. casual and smart can be awkward but I didn’t think so this time. Plus any way that makes it ok to wear track suit pants out and about is good for me.

Sunglasses, Dior

Leather Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Denim Gilet, Penney’s / Primark

Lace Body & Track Pants, River Island

Boots, Dorothy Perkins

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This morning the sun came streaming through my bedroom window. As cold as it might be outside, wrapped up inside I was all about spring-time. I know it’s a little early, when I did go outside I nearly froze (thank goodness for vintage fur) but I’m embracing the sunshine. They sky didn’t actually go properly dark until about half-past 6 tonight, plus February is the last month of winter and thankfully it’s the shortest.

Hat, Claire’s Accessories with DIY thrifted tie

Chains, Vintage

Shirt, Topshop

Jeans, Pepe

Boots, Dorothy Perkins

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I’m afraid I was a typical ‘little girl’. I was all about ballet and unicorns and wanting to be a princess when I grew up. It means that now I am a grown up… I can’t resist diamond tiaras, pointing at white horses in fields or tutus. I just had to buy this mink coloured one, put in on and then lounge about on a leather bean-bag waiting for a prince on a unicorn no doubt!

What I Wear November 11th f

What I Wear November 11th e

What I Wear November 11th d

What I Wear November 11th b

What I Wear November 11th

What I Wear November 11th c

Top, Dorothy Perkins

Necklace, Penney’s / Primark

Rings, AWear, Claire’s and Gift

Skirt, AWear

Ribbon, A. Rubanesque

Tights, M&S

Boots, Schuh and Belts, Matalan

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