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Ahoy there!

Brighton, the spiritual home of the Mod.

Being a Mod at heart,with a penchant for biker-style leather, there was only one option for what I’d wear for a day trip to Brighton last weekend. I’d have to go with two outfits. A Fred Perry jumper and a Topshop leather biker jacket.

Trouser-wise, that was a no-brainer; a pair of royal blue, shiny, sparkly skin-tight leggings – which were, to my delight, renamed mermaid trousers by a fabulously camp fellow outside an ‘adult store’. I’ll go with that, mermaid trousers, at the  seaside  is too perfect.

Jumper, Fred Perry

Grey Sweater, H&M

Leather Jacket, Topshop

Chain, Bag & Disco Pants, ORVintage

Lita-style Boots, Korkys


Whisty Xx


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Kings of Concrete. July 3rd & 4th, Wood Quay, Dublin 2.

I’ll admit it, I had a bit of a thing for skateboarders when I was about 14; in fact, I was always crushing on the boys who did it. Funnily enough, I was speaking to an old school friend recently who kindly reminded me of the enormous (and darn obvious) crush I had on a boy in the 6th year. He had all but the front of his head shaved where there was a long fringe and a skateboard perma-glued to his feet. *sigh*. By the time I got to 6th year, skateboards had been replaced by cars and going to bars and grown-up stuff like that. So crushing on skateboarders became a just cute little memory. I’ve never stopped being hugely impressed by it though, if there is anything that can make me secretly wish I could gender-swap for a day, it’s a good ollie.

Just in case you are at a loss as to what I’m on about:

Shades, River Island

T Shirt, Topman

Harmonica Necklace, Zara Taylor

Leggings, Bershka

Chuck Taylors, Office

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