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Three AW10 trends: Parka, Over-the-knee, knitted socks, Aviator-style, Shearling boots.

The Parka is Topshop, but thrifted for €5 (yeah, true!); the socks are really warm and for once, don’t dig in to my legs and give that charming, thigh-muffin-top look.  I wanted to keep the dress simple with all the different elements of the  outfit. The chunky gold chain was also thrifted and adds a bit of bling to an otherwise pretty grungy outfit.

Topshop Parka, Thrifted

Dress, H&M

Belt & Necklace, Thrifted

Socks, River Island

Boots, River Island


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New pad means a whole new set of photos. The balcony is pretty awesome, the background, pretty grimy. It’s a bit urban decay, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The dress is an absolute favourite and what’s the deal with wedges. It’s like they’re the only suitable high-heeled shoes for summer…

Dress / Shorts Topshop

Socks, H&M

Wedges, Aldo

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I’m reading the Philip Norman biography on the Rolling Stones and it’s keeping my obsession with their style and that of their girlfriends’ piqued to say the least. This coat was my mother’s and she wore it to a Rolling Stones gig in America when it was new. The shoes are a little later and are nearly impossible to walk in but if I keep to the flat pavements and stay away from the cobbles I can just about manage!

Coat, Vintage

Military Shirt, US Army Surplus

Dress, Topshop

Scarf, Charity Shop

Belt, Vintage Girl-Guides

Socks, H&M

Shoes, Vintage

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What I Wear September 22nd

What I Wear September 22nd 2

Pashmina, ‘borrowed’ from my sister

Dress, AWear

Knee-high socks, H&M

Brogues, Vintage Topshop

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September 3rd

WIW Sept 3rd 1

WIW Sept 3rd 3

WIW Sept 3rd 2

Vintage cropped leather jacket, Topshop

Floral print Lycra dress, New Look

Gold multi-chain necklace, thrift store Rathmines

Over-the-knee socks, H&M

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