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Dress, Penney’s / Primark

Saddle bag and tribal pendant, Once Removed Vintage

Belt, Miu Miu

Boots, New Look


Whisty Xx


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Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Scarf, (actually a tutu-skirt), River Island

Arm Warmers, Penney’s / Primark

Leather Driving Gloves, H&M

Wrap Skirt, Vintage

Boots, Doc Martens

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Hey All,

I just thought I’d post a couple of pics from a night out in town last week; I’d met my friend at BT’s and loved the gold window Louis Vuitton display. But this is about the trousers, they are possibly the best bargain I’ve ever found. Celine… €7, I thank you. Just to balance out the glamour, I styled them with Penney’s / Primark wedges and an H&M top. They’re definitely my favourite thing in the wardrobe right now and I’m delighted that we’re heading into Autumn. I won’t be wearing them too much this year; pale trousers and Dublin rain are not the best of friends, but they’re classic enough that I’ll be able to wear them next spring/summer instead.

Top, H&M

Celine Trousers, Thrifted

Belt, Thrifted

Wedges, Penney’s / Primark

Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Bag, River Island

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tracksuit pants have gone from fashion faux-pas to fashion favourite in the space of one season. I love them, always have. Long or short; branded or not; I’ll take them in any colour, but the fabric has to be jersey. I’ve never worn them with heels though, until this weekend. Sometimes mixing two different genres of clothing, i.e. casual and smart can be awkward but I didn’t think so this time. Plus any way that makes it ok to wear track suit pants out and about is good for me.

Sunglasses, Dior

Leather Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Denim Gilet, Penney’s / Primark

Lace Body & Track Pants, River Island

Boots, Dorothy Perkins

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Who ever said fashion was practical? So what if shorts are meant for summer? We don’t really get a summer in Ireland so layering up shorts with tights is essential year-round, including winter no? I flippin’ love these polka dot hearts and I’m not waiting 7 months to wear ’em so I’ve thrown them on with polka dot tights and a messy up do. One day I’ll brush my hair too, maybe in the summer…

Necklace, Gift

Rings, Various

Top and Shorts, Topshop

Tights & Socks, Penney’s / Primark

Patent Mary Janes, boutique in Navan, Co. Meath

Cape, Forever21

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Elvis Presley is a God. It’s official, no one can pull of head to toe leather like this man, not even Batman! In my own little way I’m trying emulate him by, erm, dressing head to, well, ankle in leather. The jacket done up looks a bit wrong but I reckon it looks a better open with a slouchy grey tee and some faux suede boots to match.

Leather Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Slouchy Tee, Penney’s / Primark

Trousers, Zara

Boots, Penney’s / Primark

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