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Ahoy there!

Brighton, the spiritual home of the Mod.

Being a Mod at heart,with a penchant for biker-style leather, there was only one option for what I’d wear for a day trip to Brighton last weekend. I’d have to go with two outfits. A Fred Perry jumper and a Topshop leather biker jacket.

Trouser-wise, that was a no-brainer; a pair of royal blue, shiny, sparkly skin-tight leggings – which were, to my delight, renamed mermaid trousers by a fabulously camp fellow outside an ‘adult store’. I’ll go with that, mermaid trousers, at the  seaside  is too perfect.

Jumper, Fred Perry

Grey Sweater, H&M

Leather Jacket, Topshop

Chain, Bag & Disco Pants, ORVintage

Lita-style Boots, Korkys


Whisty Xx


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Hat’s seen to be a bit of a contentious issue. People always seem to stare when you wear them which is slightly odd. And Trilby’s are mainly the reserve of old men in trench coats and jazz musicians. If anything could persuade me to wear one more often, it’s that! This one’s vintage and was given to me by a really good mate. It has seen quite a lot, by all accounts, I kind of wish it could write this blog post. It would make a far more interesting read than old men and jazz musicians that’s for sure.

Trilby, Gift

Shirt, H&M

Shades, Dunnes Stores

Shorts, H&M

Shoes, Aldo

Belt (on wrist), Thrifted

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