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tracksuit pants have gone from fashion faux-pas to fashion favourite in the space of one season. I love them, always have. Long or short; branded or not; I’ll take them in any colour, but the fabric has to be jersey. I’ve never worn them with heels though, until this weekend. Sometimes mixing two different genres of clothing, i.e. casual and smart can be awkward but I didn’t think so this time. Plus any way that makes it ok to wear track suit pants out and about is good for me.

Sunglasses, Dior

Leather Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Denim Gilet, Penney’s / Primark

Lace Body & Track Pants, River Island

Boots, Dorothy Perkins


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Chill… Not the cold-weather kind, the relax kind. I’m taking a casual approach to spring, dusting off my hoodies, anorak and tracksuit pants, and going sporty. I’ll be adding a little something to spice it up though; A bralet over the slouchy vest, a ‘Love’ knuckle duster and some ancient Doc Martens, should make the look a little less gym-bunny.

Hoodie, Dunnes Stores

Vest, American Apparel

Bralet, Topshop

Trousers, Bag and Knuckle Duster Ring, River Island

Boots, Dr Marten

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