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Hello all!

White is the ultimate summer colour.

I like it in different shades mixed together and worn with metallic accessories. Here with silver ‘pearl’ necklace, gold-tipped heels and a studded clutch. I can’t really get used to white shoes, I’d probably be alright with white sandals but probably not when the rest of the outfit is all-white.

Deconstructed tux jacket, Warehouse

Beaded Top, Thrifted

Jeans, Victoria Beckham @BT2

Snakeskin Shoes, New Look Limited collection

Yours, Whisty Xx

Shout out to Sarah at The Licentiate for taking the photos.


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Hi All,

S/S’12 and all those great new trends and colours we’re yet to wear! I wear black and navy blue so often that I long for bright colour pops when spring comes around.

Trend-wise I love the Tropicana prints at Stella McCartney, Salvatore Ferragamo and Dior. Tropical prints featuring palm trees, parrots, surfers and even mermaids (Versace) have .

Colour-wise, I love the  shades of rich blues and greens; I presume that when Spring / Summer colours are presented each year very often they’re pale pastel shades so as not to alarm us? Pretty but also pretty plain. I prefer the bold strong colours that filter through as the season progresses.

And boy am I getting ready to wear them.

Now I’m of the nearest Tiki bar for a piña colada, while I wait for some tropical sunshine.

Dress & Bag, ORVintage

Shoes, Zara


Whisty Xx

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Hello All,

Sunshine, Joy. Official ‘Summertime’, Joy. Warm bright evenings, Joy.

I’m so excited at the moment. The massive amounts of extra daylight and beautiful sunshine we’ve been having has made me happy. Being able to do things that don’t involve and NOT WEAR TIGHTS is too good. I’m kinda running myself to the max at the moment, freelance deadlines and blog style posts, as well as trying to run an on-line vintage business on ASOS and setting up my own site… But I love it, being busy is great! Makes you feel alive.

Dress, Belt & Bag ORVintage

Jacket, Topshop

Boots, Korky’s

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Hey All,

I don’t know what I love more; the way the low, bright sunshine hits the spires on that Neo Gothic church or the way it brings out the vibrant yellow of the Daffodils. Either way, what I do know is that I want to bask in it.

Hat & TShirt, Topshop

Jacket, Shawl and Belt, Vintage

Jeans, Karen Millen

Shoes, Aldo


Whisty Xx

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If the national broadcaster wants you to show off your vintage finds, you show off your vintage finds!

Hat, Shirt, Belt & Céline Trousers, all Thrifted

Shoes, Carvela for KG

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Nothing to say except just some stunning vintage finds.

First look: Maxi-dress, Lucy’s Lounge Vintage

Second Look: Vintage Wool Cape, Oxfam

Faux-leather trousers, Zara

Boots, Dorothy Perkins

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