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tracksuit pants have gone from fashion faux-pas to fashion favourite in the space of one season. I love them, always have. Long or short; branded or not; I’ll take them in any colour, but the fabric has to be jersey. I’ve never worn them with heels though, until this weekend. Sometimes mixing two different genres of clothing, i.e. casual and smart can be awkward but I didn’t think so this time. Plus any way that makes it ok to wear track suit pants out and about is good for me.

Sunglasses, Dior

Leather Jacket, Vintage Topshop

Denim Gilet, Penney’s / Primark

Lace Body & Track Pants, River Island

Boots, Dorothy Perkins


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Hat, Kangol

Jacket, 40’s Vintage

Blouse, M&S

Necklace, 70’s Vintage

Skirt, H&M

Shoes, Witchery

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Blouses and skirts have not really been the first fashion choice of a lot of women over the last few years or so. I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for them, especially sheer blouses because they are so feminine and quite grown-up sexy. I saw this one last week and loved the cut-out lace panels down the sleeves and the back of the blouse. I was tempted to add some fake spectacles to the look but at that stage it would have been bordering on fancy dress! I know it’s spring and I should be thinking florals and nudes but, that would be boring, no?

Blouse, Charity Shop

Skirt, Charity Shop modified by me

Tights, H&M

Shoes, River Island

Necklaces, Vintage

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This morning the sun came streaming through my bedroom window. As cold as it might be outside, wrapped up inside I was all about spring-time. I know it’s a little early, when I did go outside I nearly froze (thank goodness for vintage fur) but I’m embracing the sunshine. They sky didn’t actually go properly dark until about half-past 6 tonight, plus February is the last month of winter and thankfully it’s the shortest.

Hat, Claire’s Accessories with DIY thrifted tie

Chains, Vintage

Shirt, Topshop

Jeans, Pepe

Boots, Dorothy Perkins

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I was on a mission to find an interesting background and I immediately fell for all the tones in this distressed wood. As for the clothes, my mum knitted the cardi in the late 70’s for my aunt; the leather jacket underneath it, serves to prevent the scratchy wool itching me and give a harder edge to all the pastel-coloured prettiness. The ruffled, polka-dot top is worn backwards; those ruffles would be sorely missed if they were tucked away under all the other layers.

Cardi, Hand-knitted and ‘borrowed’ from my aunt

Leather jacket, Vintage Topshop

Scarf, gift

Shorts and vest, Topshop

Boots, vintage

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